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Hi, my name is Kayo Chang Black.

As a third culture kid born in Japan to Taiwanese parents, I grew up in Canada and spent my adult life living in the Middle East and Hong Kong. As a result, I am fascinated with hybrid cultures, how immigrants create diaspora communities, and how they live in them.

Before my career as a writer, I was an academic librarian. I worked at universities in Canada, Dubai, Bahrain and Hong Kong. I enjoyed many aspects of my career— helping students find relevant information, building a collection to meet the needs of the university, and building creative communities on campus. I have hosted a workshop to edit Wikipedia pages of female artists and designers, and a 24-hour design challenge to create zines and artist books. I also started multiple blogs and social media accounts to promote the library’s collection and services.

However, a decade later, I decided that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in the library. Instead, I want to directly engage with people about topics that are relevant and important in our world today. To achieve this goal, I enrolled in the M.F.A program in writing at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), to sharpen my skills and expand my connections. In addition to my M.F.A education, my decade-long experience as an academic librarian in global settings equipped me with exceptional research skills. My education and background granted me a fresh and in-depth perspective on my storytelling.

My goal is to write engaging human-interest stories that are relevant in our ever-evolving global village. The working title of my current project is, In the Shadow of the Middle Kingdom: A Memoir. I am using my memoir as a way to explore Taiwanese history and my own hybrid identity.

You can find my work in Art Asia PacificHoneycombers, The Manor and The Standard (Hong Kong).

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